Second Shore

RiverRide floating pathway

The Challenge – Chicago’s Car-Free Bicycle Highway

Mayor Emanuel has a vision:

“I want Chicago to be the most bike-friendly city in the United States.”

And CDOT has a plan:

  • Place bicycle rack/hub within half-mile of every Chicagoan;
  • Construct more bikeways where more people live and commute;
  • Build infrastructure to match need and stimulate growth.

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Defining Characteristics

  • Separation from motor-vehicles.
  • Important commuting arteries that give cyclists direct access to business districts and avoid traffic and street crossings.
  • Separate from motor traffic for all or most of its length.
  • Often run alongside a body of water and parkland; 9 of 12 abut a river or canal...

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  • RiverRide is composed of steel-reinforced concrete pontoon segments developed by Marinetek, a global leader in floating structures (marina, breakwater and floating roads).
  • Design is inspired by Chicago’s classic bridge architecture, nautical design cues and understated elegance.

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